Important Tips When Ordering Custom Made Furniture

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Custom made furniture can be just what's needed for your home, if you can't find a piece in a catalogue or at the store that would fit an oddly-shaped room, or that appeals to your tastes in particular. A furniture maker can coordinate fabric patterns and colours for your new piece with other pieces already in the home, or build a piece that is as large or as small as needed for your space. When you're ready to order custom made furniture, note a few important tips to keep in mind, so you know you'll be happy with the pieces you receive for years to come.

Always get a fabric swatch

It's important to actually physically feel any fabric you will be selecting for upholstered furniture. Some fabrics can be a bit rough and not very comfortable against the skin, and some fabrics might seem very thin, so they may not be a good choice for homes with children or pets, who can easily damage that upholstered furniture. You might also see that certain colour shades may not be what you expected, so that they clash with the wall colour or the colours of other pieces in the home. If you are not shopping for your furniture fabric and upholstery in-person, always get a swatch sent to your home so you can see and touch it physically, to avoid the risk of having a custom piece that isn't what you were expecting, or that isn't actually comfortable for use.


Custom furniture can be made to any size, but you'll want to check many details when choosing the dimensions for that furniture, including needed clearance for walking around the furniture, for placing accent tables and shelves, and for easy movement of curtains behind a piece. You'll also want to note if those furniture pieces can even fit through your home's doorways! Use painter's tape to mark off how wide, tall, and deep you want certain furniture pieces for a room, and measure all the doorways it will need to fit through, before deciding on the dimensions for your home's furniture.

Know how to care for the piece

Not all wood pieces will need waxing and polishing, as some species may be very dense so that the polish simply collects on the wood's surface. Some upholstery cleaners may also be too harsh for delicate fabrics. Whatever the case, always ask about cleaning, mending, and other such maintenance for your custom furniture, so it looks good and lasts as long as possible after its manufacture.