How to Choose a Good Cover for Your Trailer or Truck

Posted on: 12 August 2016

When hauling anything in a trailer or truck, you might want to consider a good cover for it; without a covering, you can lose your materials on a sharp turn, see something blow away, or note that tools and other items are starting to rust from being exposed to the elements. A tarp can also mean privacy so that items are less likely to be stolen. When you shop for a tarp for your trailer or truck, you might be surprised at the choices and options you have. Note a few tips for ensuring you get the right type for your needs.

Canvas versus poly

A canvas tarp is very heavy-duty and should be very durable even when driving down the highway, but note that the mesh fabric does let in some moisture and air. This can actually be good for certain loads you might haul; if you carry firewood or tools, you want some air circulation to keep the items dry. Letting in moisture also means letting that moisture out, so your items are more likely to dry off quickly if you use tools or other equipment for landscaping.

A poly tarp will be more watertight, so this might be good for anything you want to stay completely dry, such as fertilizer, salt, soil, or machinery with an engine or motor. You don't want these exposed to the elements or to collect moisture in their moving parts, and a poly tarp can keep them better protected when stored in your trailer or truck.

Doors or side openings

When choosing a tarp for a trailer or truck, note if you need one with a door or side opening. This can allow you to easily access anything inside the trailer or back of the truck without taking the tarp off completely. A tarp for your truck with screens can also mean being able to open those sides for maximum air circulation, which can be good for hauling firewood and other such items, as mentioned above.

UV resistant

Not all tarps will keep out the sunlight, no matter their color. Don't assume that a white tarp will keep things cooler or protected from the sun, as this will depend on the material and weave of a tarp in particular; if you want to keep materials in the back of your trailer or truck cool, look for a UV resistant tarp. These are also good for hauling produce or anything else that may be damaged if you allowed sunlight to pass through the tarp.