What You Need To Know Before Buying Teak Furniture

Posted on: 5 August 2016

Teak is a strong and durable wood that has found its niche as one of the best outdoor furniture wood availlable. Teak is coarse in texture, has lots of natural oil, and an aromatic smell that couples finely with its original golden-honey color. Together with the fact that teak is naturally resistant to several microbial organisms, teak furniture has become quite the popular outdoor furniture option all around the globe. Before opting for teak furniture, here are some bits of information you should know about teak.

Material tone 

Teak furniture can be found in varying tones. The original honey-like tone is found in new teak that hasn't seen a lot of weathering. Once bought, outdoor conditions such as UV rays from the sunshine, and rain deplete the natural oils found in the timber. With time, this depletion results in your teak furniture turning into a silver-grey tone that is considered quite handsome for outdoor furniture by some people. Depending on your preference, you can decide to prolong the natural honey look or settle on the aged silver-grey look. An alternative for those desiring the immediate aged tone is found in pre-weathered teak furniture. These are made from teak wood that was already subjected to the weathering conditions.

Preserving original look

Some people desire the natural honey look of teak for their furniture. This is especially the case when the furniture is located indoors. To preserve the natural look of teak, many people oil and clean their teak furniture. There are available oils specifically fabricated to clean teak and try restoring the natural oils in the furniture, hence maintaining the honey look. For outdoor furniture, however, oiling may not be sufficient to maintain the natural look.

With the sun and element cycles the furniture is subjected to, oiling would be required more regularly as it becomes less and less effective. The best alternative to preserving the natural look is using teak sealer. Teak sealer maintains the natural oils in the teak wood within the wood while protecting the interior from the elements. Sealer is a much more effective preservation option that is required only once, or twice annually. Some sealers even add an extra glow to the teak furniture surface. This is ideal for both furniture being used indoors, and outdoors. The beauty with using teak sealers is that should you change your mind and desire the aged silver look, you can simply skip out on applying sealer to your furniture and wait for the natural process to kick in.


Finally, all the good qualities of teak make it a fine long-term investment price-wise. All the positive attributes of teak have led to a significant rise in teak furniture costs compared to other outdoor furniture. If buying teak furniture, you should be thinking along the lines of several years when it comes to your purchase.