How You Can Get Sweat Stains Off Your Mattress

Posted on: 3 August 2016

For a person to obtain a comfortable good night sleep, it depends on the mattress just as well as other factors like noise disturbances. A person tends to sleep comfortably on a clean and healthy mattress. The same, though, cannot be said if the mattress is stained with sweat. Sweat is produced by the body's metabolic reactions and hence it is difficult to prevent sweat from adhering to your mattress. However, it is possible to clean the sweat stains. Here are a few tips on how you can do it.

Using Detergent And Water

This is probably the most used method of removing stains from mattress. Mix 300 ml of warm water with 2 oz of detergent; mix until you are able to see the formation of soap suds. Scoop some of it and spread it on the stained areas of your mattress. Rub these areas with a sponge until the stains begin to vanish. When you are convinced that there are no more stains, use a clean sponge to wipe out any remaining detergents. Then give your mattress some time to dry.  

Using Borax

Another way of getting rid of sweat stains is by using Borax. Start by dampening the stains with water. Then pour some Borax onto the stained areas and rub the areas lightly in circular motions. You should be seeing the stains coming off as you rub.

Then give the Borax some time to dry once the stains have come off. After the Borax has dried, vacuum your mattress.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Another product that may come in handy is hydrogen peroxide, which is widely used in removing dry stains like sweat. Hydrogen peroxide works by activating the stains, which makes it easy to remove the stain. Apply a considerable amount of hydrogen peroxide on the affected sections of your mattress; if you are dealing with a large section, consider applying the peroxide using a spray bottle. Rub these sections gently and give the cleaning agent some time to do its work.

When you are convinced that the stain is removed, blot the mattress using clean clothes. If the stains prove too tough, consider mixing dish soap and baking soda with the peroxide. Apply the mixture in small quantities on the stained areas. Let it sit on the mattress for thirty minutes before vacuuming the mattress dry.

Prevention, though, is the ultimate cure. Therefore, prevent sweat from getting into your mattress by investing in a mattress protector.