Seagrass Carpet Stuck To Your Wooden Floorboards? Don’t Panic – Here’s How To Fix It!

Seagrass carpets and rugs not only look stylish and blend easily with any interior d├ęcor scheme, they are also extremely hardwearing and durable.  However, if you find that your beautiful new seagrass carpet has become ‘glued’ to your polished wooden floorboards, don’t panic.  Here’s how to fix the problem. Why has your seagrass carpet stuck? First of all, it’s important to realise that this problem does not mean that there is anything wrong with your seagrass carpet.  Wooden flooring is often treated with various chemicals to seal it that can react with the natural latex backing of your seagrass carpet, Read More →

Packing Tips for a Safe and Easy Move

Moving is often difficult and it becomes even more so when you have a whole house of items to move, including kid’s clothes, furniture, and the like. Knowing how to pack can mean a safer and easier move for you, so that things go as quickly as possible and nothing gets damaged. Note a few simple tips for packing so you manage things easily and suffer as little damage to your items as possible. Kitchen Never pack dishes with the bottom up; this makes it easier for them to break if you were to put something on top of them. Read More →

How to Choose a Good Cover for Your Trailer or Truck

When hauling anything in a trailer or truck, you might want to consider a good cover for it; without a covering, you can lose your materials on a sharp turn, see something blow away, or note that tools and other items are starting to rust from being exposed to the elements. A tarp can also mean privacy so that items are less likely to be stolen. When you shop for a tarp for your trailer or truck, you might be surprised at the choices and options you have. Note a few tips for ensuring you get the right type for Read More →